password synching -- Grrr.. (fwd)

Andy Smith abs at
Thu May 14 21:31:54 GMT 1998

On Fri, May 15, 1998 at 06:52:40AM +1000, Kevin Currie wrote:
> This is a forwarded message from my unix sysadmin (he's taking care of the
> Unix side of things and I've got the NT side).  Just a little background,
> we're trying to execute smbpasswd from within Sun's passwd program.  We
> have the source.

Been trying to do something similar here, but not having the source,
I'm looking at passwd+ and npasswd.  Trouble is, neither of these support
NIS (well, the versions I've found anyway), so I've got a long way to go
still.  Does anyone know of a publicly available NIS aware passwd replacement?


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