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Frode Stenstrøm Frode.Stenstrom at
Thu May 14 12:59:57 GMT 1998

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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at> writes:

>this post goes to multiple samba lists and to comp.protocols.smb.
>can anyone remember who offered, or does anyone want, to add NIS+ password
>database support to samba?  there is a new password api (passdb.c) to
>which we wish to add some of the more powerful and secure databases
>currently available: LDAP, NetInfo, NIS+ etc.
>luke (samba team)

NIS+ support would be an EXTREMELY valuable feature. We use Samba 
and NIS+, but lack password sync features. We were planning
on writing code to do the password sync things ourselves, once
Samba can function as a PDC. But if this api could support
NIS+, then a lot of work would be saved!!!

Go for it!!

   - FrodeS -

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