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David Bannon D.Bannon at
Wed May 13 22:55:26 GMT 1998

At 02:53 14/05/1998 +1000, Gerald Carter wrote:
>Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

>> smb.conf:
>> ...
>> [applications]
>> read only = yes
>> include = smb.conf.%U
>> smb.conf.lkcl:
>> [applications]
>> read only = no
>> [root_share]
>> path = /
>> that gives me a new share and changes permissions on [applications] 
>> from read-only to writeable.  for me only.  or i could do 
>> include=smb.conf.%g and grant all administrators the same rights...
>This is the equivalent of using the "valid users" parameter and "write
>list".  Doesn't gain you anything really.  Simply a matter of

Not really equivalent. The 'valid users' approach has all the info in one
file and is much easy to maintain. You can see at a glance who are valid to
do what for a particular share by looking in only one file.

Might be different if we have a database approach with a nice clean
interface to the administrator but even that nice clean interface will hide
whats really going on. Sounds a bit like NT ??

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