Hello & LDAP

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Wed May 13 12:22:42 GMT 1998

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Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 06:23:03 +1000
From: Mark Lillywhite <mark at tripleg.com>
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Subject: Hello & LDAP

Hi there!

I just subb'd to the list on the advice of Luke and Jean-Francois, 'cos I've
implemented some stuff on LDAP authentication. I didn't know about the ongoing
debate at the time, I couln't find much info on it so I was (happily) surprised
when I got email saying it was being worked on :)

Most of my work is laid out at http://defiant.tripleg.com/samba

I really just needed to do it to solve a problem of mine, but I'd like to help
in some way, if I can. I'm really busy (aren't we all!) but getting Samba to
authenticate with LDAP would be a great goal.

I only currently have the U of M server.

The LDAP stuff mentioned on my web page has been running here successfully for
about 2 weeks. I have one person using Win 95 logins to Samba through that, and
about 4 people using shares. I'm about to add some new people to do Win 95

Anyway, I guess I'll just lurk for a while and see what the discussions are
about, and then try to chip in with code and/or testing, etc. I don't know much
about Samba internals (or LDAP, for that matter!) but I like hacking ;)


Where do you want to go today, boy?

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