Removing lp_domain_xxx() [was Re: password API needed]

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Tue May 12 18:50:24 GMT 1998

Gerald Carter wrote:
> Are you referring to the parameters such as "domain sid" as well?  If so
> where will this be stored?  I know I have heard suggestions to have the
> trandomly generated and stored in a "don't touch or the world will end"
> file.  If this will be the way of the future, there will be a way to
> continue using the currently value for domain sid in the new code
> hopefully?  Otherwise the dexisting domain will go down the toilet.
> This is actually one parameter I kind of like. :-)

Yes I am but don't worry. I intend to deprecate, but not
remove (initially) the domain SID parameter, and instead
store the domain sid in ascii text form in a file

MACHINE.SID in the same directory as smbpasswd.

Initially, if there is a 'domain sid' parameter in
smb.conf, that will be used. If not, then the file
will be consulted, if the file doesn't exist, then
a random domain sid will be created and stored in
the file.

So to keep your existing SID just copy your domain sid
parameter into the MACHINE.SID file as is.

After a while (before the first alpha release, probably)
I remove the 'domain sid' parameter in the smb.conf and
issue a "don't change MACHINE.SID or the world will end"
edict :-).

The reason we need to do this is that I'm pretty
sure (ok, own up who does this, I'm one :-) that
most Samba PDC SID's are set to the example,


SID right now. This has to change if we are to
make this work in many systems :-).


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a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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