domain groups information & observation

Andrew Perrin - Demography aperrin at demog.Berkeley.EDU
Thu May 7 16:44:55 GMT 1998

1.) I'd be interested in any advice about using the domain groups stuff in
smb.conf -- specifically, how to map a unix group to an nt group (even
just unix:ntusers -> users and unix:ntadmins -> Administrators).  Has
anyone successfully done this?

2.) After adding domain admins = <username list> to smb.conf, everyone in
the list seems to have interchangeable profiles -- that is, if I do:
domain admins = foo bar
then login as foo and do something to my profile (say, copy something to
the desktop), then log out and login as bar, the profile change takes
effect for both, being copied into bar's profile directory.  This does not
seem to happen for non-admin users, just within the admin group.  Is this
normal or designed behavior?  It seems significantly different from
NT-alone behavior, where multiple users are called Administrators and have
their own profiles with Administrator permissions.  


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