Daniel Fonseca daniel at
Thu May 7 16:20:39 GMT 1998

Hi all.

Got a particular question for you.

Do you find it feasible to have single NT logins?

What I mean by this is one user logging in and samba automagically deny
all future logon's by the same username (answering invalid password or
whatever) thus making impossible for two different people to share the
same username (I don't want to think that we're being cheated over here
:-) at the same time, to get access to the WorkStations.

I think this would be a rather nice feature, and don't mind working on it
if I get the right directions. Just hack server.c and do some logged on
user lookups? Maybe set a up a special group which has these restrictions
and place (yet another) smb.conf directive like:
"single-login = @students" or something.

Tell me what do you think of this.


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