group RIDs (Modem_Users)

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Thu May 7 03:07:20 GMT 1998

Some people may have noticed my postings towards getting Samba to
authenticate users who are dialing into a NT server via RAS. Just so I
don't get anyone's hopes up ....

As things stand at present AND as I understand things, it will not work. I
assumed (never assume) that the group, MODEM_USERS would have dial in
permission, they don't and cannot be given dial in permission. Seems dial
in permission is only available to be allocated on a user by user basis,
not to groups. One wonders just what the MS created MODEM_USERS group is

The NT will allow domain users to have dial in access allocated to them but
fails when we try, I guess we need to wait while Luke and his team (bless
them) do their magic with the User Manager for Domains stuff.

Thanks ...

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