Possible Connection Problems?!!

Morgan A. Miskell mormis at caro.net
Wed May 6 22:34:56 GMT 1998

Hello everyone, I've got several *NIX computers which are running
samba version 1.9.16p11, the unix servers are sending print jobs
to NT servers throughout the US.  Most of the services work well
except for one site (which should have plent of bandwith available).

This site has the print jobs fail at the rate of about 50%.

smbclient -L machine -U user password -N will work most of the time,
however, if I do this command randomly I will occassionally get
the following error message:

error connecting to a.b.c.d:139 (Resource temporarily unavailable)

Does anyone know why this failure happens and how to correct it?

Thanks in advance!
Morgan A. Miskell

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