Adding Machine Accounts

CURRIE KEVIN x7currie at
Wed May 6 17:48:36 GMT 1998

	I was wonderring if someone might be able to explain to me why a
machine account has to be in /etc/passwd as well as smbpasswd?  I
understand the significance of having a valid uid; however, I really don't
want 100+ computer accounts in my /etc/passwd file.  I personally would
like all of these accounts to use the "nobody" account's uid.
	I'm proposing that an option be added to smbpasswd so that us can
do something along the lines of:
	smbpasswd -a -u 65534 -m machine

	and specify a uid for the machine right on the command line.  This
would greatly simplify adding/removing machine accounts.  If there is some
falicy in this logic that I am missing, could someone kindly point it out
for me?  Thanks.

Kevin Currie

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