Cannot Map Drives

Kevin Currie 24currie at
Wed May 6 13:09:39 GMT 1998

Heres the setup:
        I have about 50 computers that are recently logging into a samba
domain controller.  I'm running a CVS tree of 1.9.18p4 from about 2
weeks ago. I have taken one good image and went around and "cloned" this
to all the other computers using the Ghost software.

Heres the problem:
        I cannot map to the administrative shares (or any for that
matter) like C$ and such to do remote file updates.  I get an error
saying that the username is unknown or that the password is invalid, and
yes I am damn sure that I have both right.  I'm trying to attach as the
the local admin, not a domain user.  The reason that I think this may be
a samba related problem is that I have other computers that I've used
Ghost with (yes, I know the security ID's are the same when I do this)
that connect via Novell's Client and a couple others that connect to an
NT PDC with the same setup (other than a quick change of domina/server)
that I can map the drives to.
        Has anyone else had this problem or know how I might be able to
get around it?

Kevin Currie

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