Trying to use CVS to get latest SAMBA

Chance W. Eppinette eppinette at
Tue May 5 14:47:25 GMT 1998

I setup CVS on this system to retrieve the code for BRANCH_NTDOM.
I am a little confused --  do I need to try pulling BRANCH_NTDOM
into my existing extraction of samba-1.9.18p4-sol-sparc-2.5.1.tar
or does the new code go into a new directory?  I have tried both,
but it will not try write over the existing directory with an
error about CVSROOT:
# cvs -d :pserver:cvs at co samba
cvs server: existing repository /cvsroot does not match /cvsroot/samba
cvs server: ignoring module samba

The original extraction of samba-1.9.18p4 compilies & runs fine.
When I pulled BRANCH_NTDOM into a new directory and modified Makefile
for my site, it starts compiling but blows up when it reaches the
linking stage for smbd & complains about a misreferenced value of
getsmbpasswd or something.

Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong?  I may not have setup
CVS properly, but the notes say all that is needed is a CVS client.

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