NTDOM support in main branch

Jeremy Allison jallison at whistle.com
Tue Mar 31 02:29:50 GMT 1998

Andrew Tridgell wrote:
> Jeremy and I have both tested the main CVS branch and it now seems to
> correctly support the NT domain stuff. Jeremy did the merge a couple
> of weeks ago but we only found the last couple of merge bugs today.
> I'd appreciate it if a few people who have successfully used the
> domain controller support in BRANCH_NTDOM could test the main branch
> and let us know if anything doesn't work that works in the NTDOM
> branch. Please report back to this list.
> Note that:
> 1) you don't need to compile with -DNTDOMAIN, that is now the default
> 2) you don't need any external code or libraries. All the necessary
>    code is built in.
> You still need to follow Lukes instructions on how to set this stuff
> up, which is why I'm particularly interested in hearing from people
> who have already successfully used the BRANCH_NTDOM code.
> If no problems are found with the main branch then development can
> stop in the BRANCH_NTDOM branch.
> Note that to checkout the main branch you just leave out the "-r BRANCH_NTDOM"
> option to cvs.

FYI: One thing that has changed is the definition of
what is a 'machine' account in smbpasswd. Luke's NTDOM
branch had a ':080:' field that encoded the account type,
I have now changed this in the main branch to be an ASCII
encoded :[W]: field (see the source for details, I haven't
had time to write everything up for the docs).

As any account ending in '$' is automatically treated
as a workstation account even if it doesn't have the
magic [W] field then old NTDOM smbpasswd files should
still work ok - but you might want to note the change
for future reference.

Also, I'm still working on a strange problem with 
getting a 'machine account password incorrect' error
message when loging in as a user from my NT server
machine, so all may not be *quite* rosy yet :-).


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