NTDOM support in main branch

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.anu.edu.au
Tue Mar 31 02:10:23 GMT 1998

Jeremy and I have both tested the main CVS branch and it now seems to
correctly support the NT domain stuff. Jeremy did the merge a couple
of weeks ago but we only found the last couple of merge bugs today.

I'd appreciate it if a few people who have successfully used the
domain controller support in BRANCH_NTDOM could test the main branch
and let us know if anything doesn't work that works in the NTDOM
branch. Please report back to this list.

Note that:

1) you don't need to compile with -DNTDOMAIN, that is now the default
2) you don't need any external code or libraries. All the necessary
   code is built in.

You still need to follow Lukes instructions on how to set this stuff
up, which is why I'm particularly interested in hearing from people
who have already successfully used the BRANCH_NTDOM code.

If no problems are found with the main branch then development can
stop in the BRANCH_NTDOM branch.

Note that to checkout the main branch you just leave out the "-r BRANCH_NTDOM"
option to cvs.

Cheers, Andrew

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