PANIC ERROR in smb.log

Brian Burke x0839 brianb at
Mon Mar 30 21:53:35 GMT 1998

I use to get these too... it seems that oplocks code in 
the NTDOM branch is broken (fixed in the main code)
For me, this meant losing files on shares... particularly
bad with Visual C++ saving its code/data to a unix share.

If you disable oplocks, these problems go away and all
works well (although slightly slower).

Disable by putting  oplocks = False in smb.conf

> I was just browsing through my smb.log file and noticed a whole bunch of
> these errors:
> oplock_break: global_oplocks_open < 0 (-1). PANIC ERROR 
> The (-1) number varies,  I have seen -2 and -7 as well.  What is going on?
> Is this a problem?  I am using BRANCH_NTDOM last updated about 2 weeks
> ago on Digital UNIX 4.0D


Brian Burke
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Air Traffic Surveillance

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