Problem compiling, any help will be very good.

Daniel Fonseca daniel at
Fri Mar 27 18:44:47 GMT 1998

On Fri, 27 Mar 1998, [UNKNOWN-8BIT] Maurício Santiago wrote:

> In fact I have Slackware installed and gcc version is, compiled
> now with FLAGSM = -DLINUX only and still:

Please go into the Makefile and look for and strip all "-O?" occurrences,
meaning that you should take off -O -O1 -O2 etc. not only in the FLAGSM,
there are some more around there (obviously don't take them out in the
commented sections! ;)

> Compiling smbpass.c
> gcc: Internal compiler error: program cc1 got fatal signal 6
> make: *** [smbpass.o] Error 1

I've had these exact same error messages and it worked for me (yes, at
first I only took the -O's off in the FLAGSM part, and then I perused the
Makefile some more, because I verbosely saw some -O's while doing "make")

> Can't I get a ready binary compiled with -DNTDOMAIN?, I mean is there a
> way to get it like there is for the samba without the DOMAIN feature?

It's complicated because we would have to have pre-compiled binaries with
each and every little option compiled in (shadow, non-shadow, quota, PAM,

> Thanks again, I love SAMBA, sorry to bother.

No bother at all. Keep loving it. I'm sure it loves you too! :)

Compliments to all the Samba Team for their extraordinary works and
efforts into making NT Servers useless! I wish I could put KDE in all
Workstations without the users asking what kind of Windows 95/NT that
was... ;)

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