Solaris Samba-Server with NT-Clients

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Mar 27 14:56:27 GMT 1998

Frank Berger wrote:
> If I don't want PDC support, then the Sun doesn't authentificate, right?
> I don't want that (no PDC) then :-)

You can have you NT clients connect to shares from a samba server using
NIS or any /etc/passwd equivalent.  If you have SP3 installed opn the NT
client and have not enabled PlainTextPasswords then you will not be able
to connect to a non-encrypted samba server.  See docs/NT4_*.reg for the
exact setting.

For a samba server to validate the NT login ( not share connection ),
you will have to enable the PDC support and use encrypted passwords.  Or
as Liston pointed out, you can use NISgina which replaces msgina.dll and
does validate against NIS ( but you don't get login scripts, system
policies, etc... ).

Hope this is makes sense.
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