Solaris Samba-Server with NT-Clients

Frank Berger frank at
Thu Mar 26 17:47:27 GMT 1998

Hi there !

Is it possible, to have the Solaris server (Samba) do the authentification
of users logging on to an NT-client ?
We've so far only managed to log onto the server when the user was already
known to the NT-machine (not too good if you want 50 computers in your
network with 100 users ... :-(
Can samba do the authentification via NIS ?
Or do we have to use an extra NT-Server just for this ?
(And would an NT-_WORKSTATION_ then be enough ?)

If someone out there has a Unix-server (samba and NIS) with NT-clients,
could he/she please send me his/her smb.conf and settings I have to take
care of ?

And of course it is urgent :-(

Thanks in advance !


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