NT4(SP3) and corrupted SAM files.

Bernard Grymonpon bernard at zeus.rug.ac.be
Thu Mar 26 11:32:36 GMT 1998


I've encountered a very strange thing. I have installed the Samba
Nt-domain, and everything works fine. The domain is there, i can log in,
But, when someone tries to log in on the domain controlled by samba, or
the local machine, and types in the wrong password, no password, of even a
wrong username, the local SAM file is corrupted. It gives as error a
number (Cxxxxxxx) where the x-es are random (mostly zero). When this has
happened, noone can log in (even not the administrator) on the local
machine or on the Domain controlled by Samba. We have to attach the hard
disk to another NT machine, and delete the SAM file.
The most strange thing is that when you reboot the computer with the
corrupted SAM file, everybody can log on and the DOMAIN-box is gone.

Anyone with the same problem, or with a solution for this?

Thanks in advance

Bernard at zeus.rug.ac.be		Student University of Ghent

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