smbpasswd & NIS

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Mar 26 09:56:22 GMT 1998

you know, there's some _really_ good utilities coming out of this.  maybe
we ought to collate them in one place?


On Thu, 26 Mar 1998, Adam Williams wrote:

> 	I've hacked a yppasswdd, yppasswd pair that updates both the NIS maps
> on the server and the smbpasswd file.  I based in loosly on David Bannon's hack
> of the passwd program that does the same thing.  I send a clear text new
> password to the server which encypts it and write it to /etc/passwd, and called
> smbpasswd {USERNAME} {PASSWORD} to set the SAMBA passwords.  It would be best
> to do both encrpts at the client but I needed somethinq quick.  If you
> interested send me e-mail.
> 	My programs were built on Redhat 5.0 from the src.rpm of yppasswd,
>  also built on Redhat 4.2 (non glibc), and the yppasswd client on AIX 4.x

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