patch for smbstatus to log usage

Nuno Loureiro nuno at
Mon Mar 23 19:23:32 GMT 1998

Hi there!!

        In attachement there's a patch to add a new option to smbstatus (-t).
        To apply this patch go to source/utils/smbstatus and do patch -p0
<status.diff under your samba distribution directory. Then, go to source
directory and do make smbstatus.
        It can log user times based on their homedir share.
        Here's an output of a smbstatus -t in action:

rtfm:~# smbstatus -t

Samba version 1.9.18-HEAD
User         machine  start    log
a10618       pc27     18:44:49 00:28:09
a9852        pc24     18:44:11 00:28:47
a4831        worker   18:45:15 00:27:43
a9395        pc18     18:47:39 00:25:19
a6437        pc19     18:46:30 00:26:28
a14214       pc16     19:08:01 00:04:57
a13607       pc05     18:49:15 00:23:43
a11913       pc20     18:52:51 00:20:07
a12805       pc06     18:55:40 00:17:18
a8830        pc28     18:56:48 00:16:10
a14565       pc12     19:10:43 00:02:15
a12028       pc09     19:12:23 00:00:35

        It only works, if the homedir as the same name as the users login name.
        I thought it would work fine, but as always, there is a problem that I
cannot solve. After some time, but not always (I haven't figured out yet when),
 the homedir share disconnects. I dunno if this is due to NT share idle timeout
or to samba implementation/configuration.
        Is there a way to tell NT or/and Samba to *never* disconnect an idle
share unless the user really disconnects the share or logs out??

        If there is a solution for this, we will keep on working on this option
so it can be more generic, and maybe released on a future version of samba.


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