Weird problem with Windows NT 4 Workstation and Samba PDC

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Mar 18 20:49:53 GMT 1998

hi allan,

i saw your posting regarding people getting annoyed with samba not
working, and the clue to what you are doing is that you report the machine
saying it is an NT 5.4 Primary Domain Controller.  i then looked further
down, and you are using 1.9.18p3 with -DNTDOMAIN compiled.

this will *not* work.  it is *vital* that you do not use -DNTDOMAIN in a
production environment with the main branch: you *will* get the kinds of
problems that you describe, as development of this code stopped at
1.9.18p12 and i went onto a separate cvs branch - BRANCH_NTDOM.

if you absolutely must have NT Primary Domain Controller functionality in
a production environment, then use the cvs tag of BRANCH_NTDOM and see

if you do not need PDC functionality, then recompile 1.9.18p3 _without_
-DNTDOMAIN and the experimental (and plain wrong, in places) code will be
totally removed.

otherwise, i recommend that you watch for developments on the various
samba lists (samba, samba-ntdom, samba-technical, samba-announce) for
information on when production quality PDC support and documentation is

best regards,

luke (samba team)

p.s i'm still not on the samba digest: i'm on samba-technical, samba-cvs,
samba-ntdom though.  hope everyone's having fun on samba at!

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