Status of the spoolss pipe

Jean-Francois Micouleau Jean-Francois.Micouleau at
Wed Mar 18 14:25:06 GMT 1998

Dear all samba-ntdom readers and users.

Here is a small report on printing support for samba-ntdom:

I have done some network analysis and coding on the spoolss pipe
implementation for samba ntdom this last 3 weeks.

Basically the spoolss pipe support is needed because that's the standard
way for a NT4 workstation to print to a printer ( !!! ) in a domain.
Well a solution was already given to print to a samba pdc server from a
workstation inside the domain, but I consider it more like an hack than a
definitive solution. 

As of today, I have coded the enumeration of printers and enumeration of
jobs. So if you click on the printers folder on a samba pdc, you have the
list of printers, and the list of jobs.

Also if you do Start -> Control Panel -> Printers -> Add a network
printer, you can see the list of printers of the samba pdc.

Now the printing part. I have decoded most of the info, and I should be
able to print sooner or later. As I can't work full time on samba, don't
expect to see the spoolss pipe support in the next samba version.

	Jean Francois

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