RIDs and userid's and roaming profiles

Brian Burke x0839 brianb at atc.ll.mit.edu
Thu Mar 12 02:16:27 GMT 1998

I have NTDOM BRANCH samba (update checked today) running on 
a Solaris 2.6 host.  I'm getting some strange behavior related to
RIDs and the userid.  According to some documents writted by Luke,
the RID should be the userid + 1000 (or at least thats the way it
seems to be)  This isn't currently hapenning for my setup.  When
an user logs in they seem to get a RID of 500.  The problem this is
causeing relates to copying the domain profile for the use to the 
local machine.  All users are getting a RID of 500, so the registry
key used for profiles is

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Window NT/CurrentVersion/ProfileList/

which of course is now the same for every user.  The key ProfileImagePath
gets set to the appropriate value only for the first user to log in...
then subsequent users have their profiles from samba overwrite that users
local profile.  This also means that I can't do things like have the profile
not get copied on each login and logout.

On one of my NT 4.0 workstations it used to work.  I don't know when it
stopped working or why, but on that workstation there were entries for
S-1-5-21-XXX-XXX-XXX-11018 for a user with a uid of 10018 and
S-1-5-21-XXX-XXX-XXX-4002  for a user with a uid of 3002  so the uid+1000
took place at some point but now it isn't working that way anymore.

If anyone has some insight on this problem I'd appreciate it.  Where is
this 500 number coming from?  Could something be going wrong with the
NT Domain logon so the uid isn't being set and NT then picks 500 for the
guest user or something like that?


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