2 servers and routers between them..

Nuno Loureiro nuno at lwp.ualg.pt
Mon Mar 9 02:19:48 GMT 1998


        The lab (Lab1), I always talk about, with 25 computers and a linux as a
PDC (Linux1) for them, and another lab (Lab2) about 7Km far away have to be

        The users of one lab are the users of the other lab...

        To connect the 2 Labs there's an ATM link and about 3 or 4 routers
between them (in 2 university campus)... (I don't control this)

        The 2 labs are identical.. 1 linux as a NTDOM controller and NT4 wrkts
on each.

        Well, I would like the users of (Lab2) to use (Linux1) as their PDC, or
(Linux1) and (Linux2) to do replication.

        I want the users on both labs to have the same smbpassword..
        Homedirs of (lab1) will be on (linux1) and homedirs of (lab2) will be
on (linux2)..

        What's the best way to do this, or is this possible with samba?

Thanks in Advance, 

        Nuno Loureiro

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