Possible solution to arcfour

Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at mhsc.com
Sun Mar 8 22:17:15 GMT 1998

At 20:56 08-03-98 +1000, Johan Meiring wrote:
>Hi all,
>Arcfour seems to be a major stumbling block to samba-ntdom because of
>stupid US export laws.

What the dolts in the USG seem to fail at realizing is that ALL of the
encryption routines are available off-shore. In the event that it isn't, a
hard-copy printout can be made and it is legal to take that off-shore and
have a data-entry type re-enter the code listing. Voila, you have now
brought it out of the US(dumb)A(ss) and not broken ANY laws, accordinbg to

>I read in a recent copy of Conputer Consultant Magazine, that a company by
>the name of TIS http://www.tis.com/ released a library of C encryption
>routines that were approved for export by US Government.  It sounds like if
>Samba could get a license for this product, then it may be freely
>distributed with the required encryption included.  It also sounds like the
>product includes the correct routines needed by Samba.
>The product is described at 

Th problem is that is *is* a product. I can't speak for the Samba-team, but
thus far there are no commercially-bound codes therein. I would like for
that pristine state to continue as long as possible.

>Maybe somebosy could contact the company and ask them whether they are
>prepared to give samba a licence for free, as samba does not charge any
>money to end users.

Being a commercial software house ourselves, I would think that there are
exactly two chances, "slim" and "none".

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