Possible solution to arcfour

Johan Meiring jjm at iname.com
Sun Mar 8 10:51:33 GMT 1998

Hi all,

Arcfour seems to be a major stumbling block to samba-ntdom because of
stupid US export laws.

Unfortunately I don't know enough about C or Encryption, but the following
may be a solution.

I read in a recent copy of Conputer Consultant Magazine, that a company by
the name of TIS http://www.tis.com/ released a library of C encryption
routines that were approved for export by US Government.  It sounds like if
Samba could get a license for this product, then it may be freely
distributed with the required encryption included.  It also sounds like the
product includes the correct routines needed by Samba.

The product is described at 

Maybe somebosy could contact the company and ask them whether they are
prepared to give samba a licence for free, as samba does not charge any
money to end users.

Johan Meiring

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