Obsolete settings, still around

Giampaolo Tomassoni tomassoni at crisato.oftalm.unisi.it
Sun Mar 8 04:16:01 GMT 1998

Dear all,

I was looking for the actual code of the 'domain controller' setting and, unsurprisingly, I discovered it to be declared in loadparm.c, but never used elsewhere.

Being curious, I made a small script to discover other samba settings declared but never used, by which I got the following list:

    announce as             (lp_announce_as)
    announce version        (lp_announce_version)
    preload, auto services  (lp_auto_services)
    character set           (lp_character_set)
    domain controller       (lp_domain_controller)
    getwd cache             (lp_getwdcache)
    keepalive               (lp_keepalive)
    load printers           (lp_load_printers)
    max packet, packet size (lp_maxpacket)
    time server             (lp_time_server)
    volume                  (lp_volume)

I don't know if any of them became obsolete with NTDOMAIN, if they are used by other means than their lp_ function (so not really being obsolete), nor if this is the right list to which report this stuff.

Anyway, since you are going to merge the NTDOMAIN code to the main branch, I think it may be a good idea to update the docs and mans removing the obsolete settings, as well as remove their references from loadparm.c (to have them reported by testparm).

By the way, some of the missings are quite a surprise (like "load printers", still reported on tons of docs and examples).

Do you agree this settings are obsolete?

Take care,

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