I need help desesperatelly !

Guilherme Venere venere at dc.ufscar.br
Fri Mar 6 05:37:09 GMT 1998

Hi folks,

First of all, i'm sorry for sending another question about windows 95 and
samba. But i can't find any information about my questions, and i though
that you guys can at least poit me to the right direction.

If someone can help me, this is my problem:

I have a network with 50 win95 clients, one AIX 4.1 acting as a samba
server, and one Solaris 2.5.1 with NIS, authenticating user accounts. 

- The windows 95 clients connect to samba, which in this case has to
authenticate the users in NIS domain. I've read the documentation and i
understand that this is perfectly possible.

- The problem is that Samba isn't authenticating any NIS domain user. It's
authenticating only a local AIX user, like root or some other local user.

- I have take a look at log.smb, and i saw that when an user try to
connect from a win95 client, Samba is denying access because the WORKGROUP
is wrong. BUT the workgroup is right ! when i try to connect using an
account like root, win95 send the correct WORKGROUP name !

- the log files are attached to this e-mail, as the Makefile and smb.conf

Please, if someone can help me, either by giving an answer or pointing me
to some place with info on this, i'll be very grateful. I'm desesperatelly
looking for this, because the semester has begun here and the labs are
closed !


	  Guilherme Venere
	System Administrator
Federal University of Sao Carlos - Brasil 
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