Problems with messages from list server

Silva JK silvajk at
Thu Mar 5 21:14:00 GMT 1998

I am sorry to be posting this here, but we are experiencing problems
with messages coming from this list server and I was wondering if anyone
else has seen the problem.

What happens is that the 1st line of the body is removed and where it
should be there is a noop. If I retrieve the message in Yahoo mail, the
body is intact with no problems. It happens consistently. Other messages
coming from other list servers do not have this problem.

Has anyone seen this problem, or know what we need to do to correct it.
We have seen the problem using Netscape Messaging Server  3.5 and 3.0.
Netscape Tech Support is looking into the problem for us, but I am
curious if anyone on another mail platform may be seeing this type of

Thanks for your help,
Jo Ann Silva

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