lookups in smbpasswd file

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Mar 4 17:43:10 GMT 1998

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Gerald W. Carter wrote:
> >
> > If this is a limitation, a possible solution would be to keep the
> > standard smbpasswd file  but translate it to a DBM hash ( *.dir & *.pag
> > files ) similiar to NIS maps.  Smbpasswd could be modified to interface
> > directly iwith the DBM files.  Also add an option to dump the map to a
> > flat ASCII file.
> >
> That's a very good idea, and one I've been wanting
> to do for a while. Issues you will need to consider :

So in the meantime, what is a manageable smbpasswd.  500 entries? 
1,000? 100?  Any ideas?  Or does this really just depend on the hardware
of the samba server?

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