NTDOM cutover to main branch.

Jeremy Allison jallison at whistle.com
Wed Mar 4 17:33:43 GMT 1998

Hi all,

	With Luke's permission, we are hoping to cut over
main Samba development to the code represented in the NTDOM
branch. Our current timeline is for me to make sure that
the changes in the current head cvs branch are propagated
into the NTDOM branch, and then Andrew will do the cvs magic
to discontinue the NTDOM branch - as it will become the main
Samba development branch.

We envisage this taking a couple of weeks as there are some
changes in the head branch that aren't yet in NTDOM, plus
I'd like to do a security review of the new code to make
sure we don't get bitten again by buffer overrun problems.

Once NTDOM is the main branch then everyone will need to
change the method for checking out the code (not by much,
it'll mainly be just changing the cvs checkout) but we'll
let everyone know well in advance.

Things I'm hoping to add once it's the main branch are :

1). Moving the machine accounts out of the main smbpasswd
file (they don't really belong there) into a separate machine
account file.

2). Addition of the NT specific SMB calls (adding NT ACL
support & change notify to Samba).

3). Keep developing the NTDOM functionality to the level
where we can ship a Samba-PDC as a standard release (just
as a gut feeling I think the PDC-BDC replication may take
a bit longer and not be in the main release, but hey, I've
been severly pessimistic about our development cycles
before :-).

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up of what we're hoping
to do.


	Jeremy Allison,
	Samba Team.

Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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