[NTDOM] NISGINA revisited

jeremy garber jgarber at eng.utoledo.edu
Wed Mar 4 16:23:39 GMT 1998

I'm looking for some advice before I do some needless work...

We are currently using NISGINA in production.

I currently have the NTDOM code functional on a test basis.
I also have NISGINA configured to automatically create and update the smbpasswd 
entries on a test basis when logging into a samba domain.  Of course the NT 
policies (something we must have functional) that are stored on the samba server 
are not being pulled down when using the current NISGINA.

What is wrong with my thinking that I can just rip the code out of NISGINA that 
creates a local account so that I am actually logging in under a domain account 
in the samba domain?  There must be more to it than this.

Will I have to add code to NISGINA so that it understands it is using a domain 
account rather than a local one?

I understand that this would not be an option for everyone (not wanting to 
install software on the client side or not using NIS), but it sounds like it 
would work for us.


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