Beginner Question: How to set up a Samba PDC

Holger Eilhard eilhard at
Tue Mar 3 14:35:53 GMT 1998

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to connect my NT Workstation to a Samba PC (that is running on a P90 and DLD-Linux 5.3, Samba is 1.9.18p3).
Now my questions:
1. Can Samba act as a PDC? I've read it can, but do not know how!? I also read the docs, but I didn't find anything that could help me...

2. If it's true that it can be a PDC, what software do I need? I already got some packages via cvs, but haven't found anything
that could help me!? There was some documentation in it, but that wasn't very up-to-date...

3. Can someone send me the settings that I need for the smb.conf?

Thanks for your help


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