Multiple Subnet PDC

dana canfield canfield at
Tue Mar 3 17:12:29 GMT 1998

I know this is explained in the documents, but I can't figure out which
setup applies to me exactly, and nothing I've tried seems to work.

We have a switched-ethernet backbone, with about 8 Class C networks sent
over the same hardware (in other words, we aren't routing internally, you
can have an machine on the same hub as an
machine, as long as you point to the right router address).  

If I put machines on the same subnet as my Samba PDC, everything works
fine.  They can see each other, they can see the Samba machine, etc.  If
they are on a different subnet, they see nothing.  I have samba running as
a WINS server, and I have the NT workstations pointing to it as the WINS
server, but nothing appears in the network neighborhood, and the
workstations can't find the samba PDC.

Is there something more I need to be doing?  Would it be beneficial to put
aliases on the ethernet port so that the Samba machine has an
address on every subnet? 

I've read some things implying that our method of switching/unrouted
maynot be such a good idea, but no real facts about it.  If anyone can
tell me if this is a bad way of doing things, I'd be interested in
forwarding the info to our net admin.


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