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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Mar 2 19:39:52 GMT 1998

cross-reference to "To Do" thread:

> What's the status of the todo list paul posted 3 weeks ago ?
> Does anybody started to work on some topics ?

i want to clear up the SMB / DCE/RPC abstraction a bit more.  i'd also
like to do some more of the \PIPE\samr stuff.  also, to explore some of
the DFS calls.  and the trust domains and BDC stuff.

in order of priority:

- debug dce/rpc and abstraction of same
- inter-domain / bdc trust relationships (big task: mixed in with others)
- \PIPE\samr
- DFS calls

anyone want to volunteer for any of these or any of the tasks on the ToDo

luke (samba team)

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