NT4 server & Samba logons..totally confused

Michael Glauche mg at plum.de
Sun Jun 7 09:43:10 GMT 1998

Lanny Baron schrieb:
> Hello Samba users,
> note*** I am not subscribed to this list and if you answer it, please mail
> me back directly at lnb at cybertouch.org..thanks
> I am really confused. I have read quite a few of the docs with
> Samba-2.0.4b, with respect to having an NT server and Samba. With NT
> running do you have domain logons = yes ? If so, what about [profiles] and
> [homes]?

Samba 2.0.4b can only act as a Domain Member, not as a controller. So
you need
a NT Server or a Samba CVS HEAD machine for the Domain logons. 
[profiles] and [homes] can be on the 2.0.4 server with no problmes, if
told so.
(i.e. on your HEAD machine add :
        logon home=\\<2.0.4 machine>\%U
        logon path=\\<2.0.4 machine>\profiles\%U\ )

> Maybe the question should be asked, if I have Samba running what do I need
> NT for? I had win98 running before and everything was fine. I killed the
> win98 box and installed NT4. I can't transfer (either by a windows ftp
> client or via Network Neighborhood) my directories on the NT box so I can
> go back to win98.

2.0.4b is still no good PDC ... :(
The CVS head branch has however some quirks when it comes to
(wait until they merge the branches)

so .. if you got a 2nd linux machine in spare
go and install samba CVS HEAD.

> My setup (topography) is one NT box, 2 FreeBSD/Samba boxes. You might ask
> what the F--K am i trying to accomplish. Well, I want people to be able to
> dialin via RAS (setting up PPP dialup is no easy task), then to be able to
> logon to their /home/user on the FreeBSD/Samba box. Be able to use shares
> set on the FreeBSD/Samba boxes. Again I ask, other than using NT for
> dialup (RAS) and seeing the problems I now face, what is the purpose of NT
> in a Samba run domain?
> It's quite apparent to me that I don't understand netlogon's, and could
> really use some help by someone that understands what it is I am trying to
> do. If it turns out that what I am doing is completely nuts, please let me
> know. I have been at this since last Monday. Unable to upload from my NT
> box to my FreeBSD/Samba boxes my directories that I crucially need so that

tcpip working on NT correctly ??

> I can kill this NT box and put back Win98 and setup the smb.conf the way
> it was. Working perfect.
> It's that old story coming to haunt me. Why fix that which is not broken?

Samba NTDOM Howto (still in german)

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