Has anyone made update encrypted work?

Dana Canfield canfield at uindy.edu
Tue Jun 30 16:47:16 GMT 1998

I don't really know much about the WinFrame system.  Is it a necessary item
in this scheme?

We are basically doing a new installation of NT (from Win '95), and I'm trying
to avoid
making the users jump through a bunch of hoops to get their usernames &

It's looking now like the only real way to do this is to have an "accounts"
login so that if a student comes in to the lab and has never used NT before,
he logs in as
"accounts", gets a web page (php script) that asks him for his
username/password, and
then calls the smbpasswd/passwd programs to sync/add the passwords. Does
know a better way of doing this for a "new" installation of NT, with a an
existing installation
of unix users?

On a similar note, is there any reason why a user can't just use smbpasswd to
change their password
all the time from the unix box, so that the passwords are kept in sync?  If
not, does anyone have a
password chat section from smb.conf that works well with redhat?

Sorry for the number of questions (some are probably redundant).  It's been
working well for our
test group, but now the chore of scaling it up is getting a bit tricky.
Thanks in advance.

Gerald W. Carter wrote:

> NT logins use encrypted passwords only.
> Here's how I used it.
> Local accounts on a WinFrame 1.6 box.  Used the samba 1.9.18p7 server as
> the [homes] server.  Specified H: to connect to \\server\<username> in the
> profile on the NT box.  This way the connection would be made by passing
> the plain text password to the server and thus updating the smbpasswd
> file.
> After I had all the users, I merged the result of the new smbpasswd and
> the smbpasswd on the samba PDC thus allowing users to mount the shares
> from SAMBA_PDC instead and also allowing me to add the WinFrame box to the
> domain when I wanted to without causing login problems for my users.
> Make sense?
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