Solaris 2.6 and latest NTDOM code

Christopher R. Hertel crh at NTS.Umn.EDU
Thu Jun 25 20:44:02 GMT 1998

> Now Chris has been adding some changes to the
> HEAD branch nmbd to make the transition to a
> sensible WINS back-end (gdbm) easier, and at
> SGI they've been running with the HEAD branch
> wins server code for a while, so I doubt that
> any of Chris's changes will have done this,
> but I'm CC:ing him just to be sure :-).

I've looked it over.  I don't *see* anything but that doesn't mean much. 
The change I've made so far is to replace the linked list with a binary
tree.  As part of that, I did change the structure of the nmbd_record.  
Jeremy, is there any chance that someone has made assumptions about this 
structure in the NTDOM code?

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