Pavel Tkatchouk ptkatcho at
Thu Jun 25 18:12:50 GMT 1998

Hi, there!

Tried to ask comp.protocols.smb, comp.os.linux.networking, with no success. Volker Lendecke (both 
lendecke at and vl at SerNet.DE) seems to be
unreachable. Want to try luck here. OK, enough mumbling, 

Server - Windows NT workstation 4.0, shares a few dirs.
Client - diskless Linux, kernel 2.0.30, mounts those dirs by smbmount.
Problem - one client mounts just fine. When two+ clients attempt 
to mount same dirs at the same time only first succeeds, others fail
with smb_dont_katch_keepalive:server->data_ready==NULL errmsg.
Dir that fails mounting usually different from time to time. Ideas?



P.S. upgrade to 2.0.34 and smbfs-2.0.2 didn't help.

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