Which Linux? or Solarix 2.6 x86 ?

Christian Barth BARTH at cck.uni-kl.de
Fri Jun 19 09:53:55 GMT 1998


Currently we are planning the new server for our lab. It will be a 
PC-based system serving files, printers, mail, .. to two workstations 
(sparc clons with SunOS 4.1.3 and Solaris 2.4) and about 20 PC's 
mainly with NT4SP3, but there are also some DOS / WfW3.11 PC's left. 
We are planning to set up a Samba PDC. (Thanks for your good work!)

Now there is the question of the OS for our new server. Basically we 
have to choose between Linux and Solarix 2.6 x86. If we decide for 
Linux we have to choose a distribution, ...
(Currently we are using Slackware-Linux to get cheap X-Terminals)

 What would you prefer?
 What things have to be taken care of?
 What has to be avoided?
 Any comments?

(May be this is not the right list for this question, but I enjoy 
reading this list)



Christian Barth
Univerity of Kaiserslautern, Germany  
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