Cannot add a printer (NT4SP3 + latest cvs samba)

Andy Smith abs at
Thu Jun 18 16:19:45 GMT 1998

On Sun, Jun 14, 1998 at 05:03:25PM -0500, Gerald W. Carter wrote:
> OK.  Here a quick and dirty fix.  the NT box needs to be coaxed to back
> down from the MSRPC calls to use the LanMan calls.  Add the printer
> locally but connect it to the LanMan port which you have created ( rather
> than LPT1: )
> To create the LanMan port, modify the following registry script for your
> site and import it...
> [script snipped]
> You may have to reboot the NT machine to get these ports to show up.  I
> have tried this and it seems to work.  Let me know how if goes.  If it is
> an acceptable solution, the I will add it to the FAQ for now.

Yup, that cracked it.  I do have to reboot, but that is trivial compared
to the time this will save me in the coming weeks, thanks.

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