Johan Meiring jjm at
Sat Jun 13 10:13:17 GMT 1998

>I'm having some problems with roaming profiles on my Samba PDC domain.
>Basically all users logging in via the PDC cannot alter their HKCU hive.
>Which makes the system quite unworkable in some senses.
>According to regedt32, that hive is owned by ntbox\administrators, who
>have full control, as do members of the system group.  But 'everyone' has
>only read access.

I saw the same behaviour when I manually copied a profile from one user, (the default user?) to a spesific user.  Although the file system does not supprot ACL's the NTUSER.DAT file internelly does.

I had oner of three options:

a)  Don't try to copy a profile to a user to give him one, let NT machine create it by itself.
b) Load the NTUSER.DAT hive into regedit and modify the ACL to give the user permissions, while you are administrator.
c) Copy the profile to the user using 'Control Panel' --> 'System' --> 'User Profiles'.  This modifies the NTUSER.DAT's ACL when you copy it.

Hope this helps.


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