logging connections (and dead time parameter)

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Jun 12 01:58:47 GMT 1998

On Fri, 12 Jun 1998, John Harper wrote:

> Now that I have the Samba NTDOM code up and running as a PDC I would
> really like to be able to log connections from our lab machines.
> One would think this should be easy given that the NT client machine is
> obviously aware that a user is logging in and also later logging out,
> but it seems that from the Samba side this is rather more difficult (at
> least presently). I presume the samba server is aware of the login
> (because it must do the authentication*), but I don't know if the client
> passes any info back about the logout. If that were so, is it possible
> that hooks might be added to samba to allow logging these events?


Forgive me for being brief.  I am currently working on a paper for a
deadline and am etting very tired ( if only i could finish this thing and
get on with my life...)  Sorry 'bout that.  Enoughranting.

What you are referring to really has no clean solution.  However, I will
say this.  The [homes] and [netlogon] shares have an inconsistent lifetime
you are correct.  What I have done is to perform the logging on an generic
applicaiotn share that everyone mounts during the login script.  A preexec
and postexec scripts are used to log to /var/adm/wtmpx.  Shares other than
[homes] and [netlogon] behave more predictably.  At least this has been my

You'll have to be careful with "dead time" settings though.  Experiement
and see.

Hope the make seom sense and is of some help.

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