Fw: Proposal: filename map

Kevin Currie kevin.currie at wmich.edu
Thu Jun 11 21:30:43 GMT 1998

Sorry to forward this here... It really doesn't apply, but I wanted to check
and see if the lists would take a message from an unsubscribed user.  Since
I have an account that is subscribed to this list, I thought I'd see if it
pops up.  I am interested in the opinion from anyone here.

>After using samba for about a year now on my home network, and for a couple
>months now on my work network, I feel that I'm familiar enough with most of
>the tricks with the % variables to know there isn't a clean way to solve my
>problem, which is this:
>I use samba at home to share a lot of DOS programs.  Most of the ones I
>problems with are games, emulators, etc, but this option would be nice for
>other stuff too.  These programs want their config files in their directory
>and to be a certain name.  This is a problem when you have a very
>heterogeneous computer enviornment as far as hardware is concerned.  I
>like to be able to have the config files available to the programs
>(transparently) on a per machine basis.
>What would be ideal is an option like the one for remapping usernamed, but
>for files.  One that would interpret the samba variables. So that I could
>define some like:
>/home/samba/games/doom/doom.cfg = /home/samba/%m/doom.cfg
>Now, I understand there could be some speed concerns related to this.  Any
>wise person would only have a handful of mappings in this file.  Because of
>the speed concerns, this is probably an option that would have its code
>in or out at compile time.
>I have looked at the samba source a little bit, enough for it to confuse
>hell out of me.  I have never done any unix programming before, but I do
>have DOS experience.  I would be willing to try and code this, but I would
>need help.  I'm hoping that it might be as simple as when a file open call
>is made to samba, I can simply call a function that will translate the
>filename string before any system calls are made.  This is something I know
>I can program.  So, to the developers, does this sound possible?
>Also, if this sounds like a useful option to anyone else out there, please
>let me know.  I am not a subscriber to either of these lists, so please
>reply to me and the list.
>Kevin Currie

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