Simple sync between smbpasswd and passwd

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Thu Jun 11 04:55:46 GMT 1998

This thread needed a new name.

At 16:08 09/06/1998 +1000, you wrote:
>On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, David Bannon wrote:
> ... my very basic programme to replace the unix passwd programme...

Unfortuantly I only have access to DEC and linux at present. My DEC is a
bit old (hey, if its not broken, why fix it ?) and my linux is being
rebuilt for another 'development'. I may be able to call on some
friendships to get limited Sun access, not very satisfactory... (you know,
'can I write to your passwd file please ?').

>I tested this code out on SunOs 4.1.3, and found a number of things that 
>didn't work right:
>(1) There is no header file "mode.h" in my system, 

Seems to go back to early OSF stuff, has some defines for stat.
Unnecessary on my system, although a couple of man pages for
function like to mention it. Leave it out. 

>(2) SunOS does not use the passwd.dir and passwd.pag files; hence it does 
>not have /sbin/mkpasswd.  This command failed and reported an error, but 
>/etc/passwd and ~/smbpasswd were still updated correctly.

I can easy set up a define to include (or not) such things.

>(3) Upon successful completion, it changed the permissions on /etc/passwd 
>to make it readable only by root.  (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Now, that would be a real beauty ! Someone else had the same problem. In
the function FilterFile() there is a call to fchmod(.. 0x644). Can it be
that that function is not implemented on other systems ????

>(4) It only worked correctly for non-privileged users when run setuid 
>root, but smbpasswd only works correctly when _not_ setuid root.

Hmm... I am using a month or so old version of Samba NTDom, I have not been
upgrading very often as what I had works for me at present. I did read
somewhere a comment about smbpasswd changing its way of doing things there.
I will be running up a linux box with samba in the next couple of days,
I'll get the current copy and compare.

>Anyway, it's a nifty little program and I don't know if you ever intended 
>to make it operable beyond your own system, but if you do perhaps we can 
>work on fixing the above.

I don't think it is worth the effort of setting up pre compile config
files, as long as the problems are solveable and documented then any
programmmer should be able to fiddle the header to get something working.
I'll have a go at problen #4 in particular in the next couple of weeks if
possible. (I'm going camping in Central Australia for 2 weeks soon, so it
may be a bit longer). 

Any comments, suggestions etc are welcome. 


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