Creating private/smbpasswd [was Re: Must a Samba PDC use encrypted passwords?]

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Jun 10 18:34:56 GMT 1998

CAE Samba Admin wrote:
> There are several thousand users in that database and only a few
> hundred will use our lab, which is currently the only one which will 
> be authenticating against samba.  We have no way of knowing who 
> exactly those few hundred users will be.  We'd just dump everyone into 
> the smbpasswd file if we could fine a *secure* way to seemlessly 
> change there smbpasswd when they change their unix passwd.  However, 
> there doesn't seem to be a mechanism for this yet.

Same situation as here.  Thousands of users but so far only about 300
accessing the NT lab machines.  Here is our solution.  Sorry I can't
release any code with this explanation.

Create a custom /bin/passwd that will change the entry in /etc/passwd
and private/smbpasswd.  Now **force** users to change 
their unix passwd before giving them access to the NT boxes.  This
will create the entry in private/smbpasswd or update it if one exists
and therefore keep the accounts lists in sync.

I know I have said this before ( as have others ) and I really don't
mean to sound like a broken record.

There have been other solution such as using POP.  Check the list
archives for these.  The basic idea is to get hold of the plain text and
then send the change to both /etc/passwd and private/smbpasswd at the
same time.  

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