which branch is current?

Gavin Unsworth gavin at mindless.anarki.net
Wed Jun 10 14:52:43 GMT 1998


I've been using samba for the last few months on our small NT/95/Mac/Linux
network at work and am very impressed. Excellent work!

I've been following this list from the archives and have finally decided
to join as after so long, I'm starting to have questions I can't answer by
scouring FAQ's and archives.

I understand that the NTDOM branch is being migrated into the main branch.
Which one then is the most current? I haven't seen an announcement that
NTDOM is dead yet. I also understand it's no longer necessary to obtain
arcfour.o or to specific -DNTDOAIN when compiling from the main branch.

Does this hold for the NTDOM branch also? I've been playing around with
both and am getting different behaviour. 

At the moment, I'm using the latest main branch code from the CVS
repository and seem to have 'lost' domain admin users. The clients are
NT4.0 workstations. Any users are authenticated OK, but after logging in
get the welcome screen and have no priveledges as if they were guest

The same occurs for non domain admin users.

Do I need to specify domain groups = (magic number for users groups which
I can't seem to find) ?

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