Compiling for Solaris 2.4

Andy Smith abs at
Tue Jun 9 22:41:57 GMT 1998

For reasons which are out of my control, for the forseable future, (well,
at least up to 31/12/1999), I have to support samba on Solaris 2.4.  The
latest code updated using CVS does not compile out of the box, I have
patches that fix this.  Should I send them here?

Likewise, I have a number of print/plot devices currently residing on
INTERACTIVE unix boxes, it would be real good to run samba there so I can
migrate these devices in my own time.  My version of IUS (4.1 without
the maintenance update) is missing some pretty basic stuff, especially
atexit(), but nonetheless, I have compiled and am running a version of the
current cvs code.  Should I send these patches as well?

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