Must a Samba PDC use encrypted passwords?

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Tue Jun 9 16:44:14 GMT 1998

Michael H. Warfield wrote:
> Gerald W. Carter enscribed thusly:
> > On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, CAE Samba Admin wrote:
> > > > a new option has been added: "update encrypted".  run with this for a
> > > > week; then move over to "encrypt passwords".
> > >     Just to clarify this in my mind...  If I have "update encrypted" I
> > > have to have "encrypt passwords" off, which effectively breaks PDC
> > > functionality, right?
> > Yup.  Just a thought.  Has anyone tried using this with "password server"
> > option as a way to get accounts froman NT PDC as a migration strategy?

What a *wonderful* idea !!!! Thanks Gerald !

>         Oh man yes!  That is exactly what I need.  I have a Samba server
> that I would like as the PDC for our engineering domain and I would like
> to migrate users from our ADMIN domain by doing just that.  Let the box
> authenticate against the other domain's PDC and build up a migrated database!
> The other domain could be another Samba PDC or could be (as in this case)
> and NT PDC.  This would be real handy.
>         Will see if this works or what it breaks in the process!

Let me know if this fails to work - I'll work on the
code until it does - this is *far* too useful to not
work :-).


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